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Saving Money on Cheques and Deposit Books

Did you ever order cheques for your accounting software and feel like they were a little expensive? There is a better way and over the last several months pcit has been testing various systems and has found a great supplier who is both economical and offers excellent service. Accounting software such as Quickbooks or Simply…

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Canadian Elections and Twitter – #tweettheresults

Are you aware of Section 329 of the Canadian Elections Rules? In a recent CBC article and television report, CBC warns Canadians about sharing election results over Twitter and social media. Are you aware of Section 329? Section 329 was setup to prevent influencing votes across time zones from those districts that have closed.  Canada…

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Can Teleworking Save Canadian Companies Money?

Earth Day is April 22nd; what is your Canadian firm doing to help improve the environment? Canadian corporations who promote teleworking and allow key employees to work a minimum of twice a week from home can help save over $53 billion dollars annually. That is not all there is to it; you could reduce greenhouse…

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Technology Upgrade at Our Office

Getting new stuff can be fun.  This month Blair, pcit’s Centralized Services and Customer Care Centre Lead, became the first person in our IT business to get an upgrade to three monitors.  Each monitor was a brand new full size 22” Lenovo L2251p with tilt, swivel and raise capability.  That is over 66” of screen real estate and…

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Microsoft Online Service Users Get No Cost BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Remember back only a few years ago when the BlackBerry Enterprise Server would knock your small business back a few thousand dollars to have email delivered to your BlackBerry.  Now, BlackBerry users have many options including a new offering from Research In Motion and Microsoft. Microsoft Online Services customers are in for a very special…

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