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The End of the Line for Windows XP

As 2012 comes closer so does the deadline of Microsoft discontinuing support for one of it’s most popular products ever.  The product is Windows XP and the deadline is 2014.  At that time Microsoft will stop issuing support to partners or subscribers.  This may also mean no more security updates and it will certainly mean…

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Wasting Money On Technology

IT expenses in an organizations budget can sometimes float to two extremes.  At times it can be reduced to the point where operations can no longer be efficient.  Other times it can be an overbloated expense that borders on the outrageous.  Because the costs related to technology are constantly changing and the delivery of support and equipment costs are…

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Why I’m Not Buying an iPad

‘…or a Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy, ThinkPad Tablet or any other Android based tablet.’ I thought I wanted an iPad.  The idea of a device that could turn on quickly, store a lot of books and be able to do other things like browse the internet seemed like a great idea.  For $600 it wasn’t…

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Looking for a great Network Administrator

pcit is adding a new Network Administrator position in October 2011.  We have worked hard to create an environment where talented people have room to grow, can deliver great results to customers and earn good compensation in doing so.
For more infor…

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Controlling Facebook Usage and Preventing Data Loss

Anyone who manages staff  that use a computer should watch the video posted at YouTube simulating a day in the life of Joe.    The video describes how Joe, part of the marketing department has been authorized to do certain things on the internet that may be of benefit to the company and is restricted from doing other things.  It…

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