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Justification For Two Monitors

Ask 10 people who work with a computer every day if they need more than one monitor and the response will typically be “No, one screen is fine.” Ask 10 people who have two or three monitors if it would be better to go back to one monitor and the response will typically be “Not…

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Office 365 – It’s Officially Here

On June 28, 2011 Microsoft officially launched a new way of using programs like Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote. The subscription service will offer these applications online for as low as $6 per user per month. Included with the familiar Office applications will be a hosted SharePoint site to store information, an Instant Messaging Service,…

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10 Steps to Improve Online Security

With convenient high speed internet connections an organizations staff can access online resources at rapid speeds. Unfortunately, a good internet based crook can use that same two way connection to watch what staff are doing online or break through and gather information from a company’s network. It seems everyone, including hackers, appreciate the fact that…

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Preparing For The Cloud in Philadelphia

Almost 200 IT support companies converged in Philadelphia this past weekend to review numerous aspects of their business and help prepare for the coming changes in technology that will impact our customers. Some of the speakers included Paul Chisolm CEO of mindSHIFT technologies who spoke very candidly about how the largest managed service provider in…

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What Is Wardriving And Why Should Your Grande Prairie Business Be Concerned?

If you happen to run a small business, beware! At one time, making sure our computers were locked to our desks and we had the right passwords were just enough to secure confidential corporate data.  Maybe having your server locked in a secure room gave you the peace of mind that everything was secure.  Times…

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